Precious Gem testing process

Hand over gem at receiving counter mentioning what type of Report is required; obtain receipt indicating description & weight of item, value as declared by client ( for internal insurance purposes), approx. delivery time. The item handed to lab.

step1 1

Gem Receipt

step2 2

Weighing and Measuring

step3 3

Cut, Clarity, Color Grading

step4 4


What Makes Us Different?

A State of the Art laboratory equipped with the most advanced gem testing equipment available in Sri Lanka – FTIR; UV-VIS; Raman Spectrometer are a few of the advanced equipment we use for our gem testing.

  • Trust & Confidence – The lab is manned and directed by well experienced gemologists counting over 35 years of hands -on experience assuring you of the most reliable and accurate Reports on your gems.
  • Sri Lanka’s only Gem testing laboratory grading diamonds against GIA graded Master Stones. Thus making sure that your Diamonds are colour graded to precise international standards.
  • Online report Check – You will be able to view and verify your Reports on-line from anywhere in the world giving you unsurpassed convenience and peace of mind.
  • Quick turnaround time – We offer fast turnaround time of 36 hours ensuring quick conclusion of your business deals.
  • Express Service – An express service of a matter of hours (depending on availability) will be provided at an additional charge.
  • Co-Branding – Your Company logo and name can be printed on our gem stone Briefs so that your clients will know at a glance whose product it is that they have purchased.
  • Bilingual Reports – Keeping modern trends in mind we offer bilingual Reports (Chinese& English). This will enable you to penetrate one of the most important gem markets.
  • Mobile Lab Service – Our Mobile lab is available to conduct on- site testing at your establishment, giving you the option of convenience.

News & Upcoming Events

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