Laboratory Services

We offer comprehensive gemstone identification on all gems (except pearls), including clarity enhancements and other treatments. All gems are tested by at least 2 qualified and well experienced gemmologists assuring you of the utmost confidence.

1.) Identification of Gemstones

From basic identification of material to reports on clarity, colour enhancements and whether synthetic or natural gems. We are the only Gem Lab in Sri Lanka equipped with Raman Spectrometer, UV-Vis Spectrometer and FTIR giving you unsurpassed reliability and accuracy.

2.) Detection of Treatments of gemstones (Heat, oil, dye, etc)

These include opinions on heated, unheated, surface diffused of Sapphires and other varieties of Corundums, oiling of Emeralds, glass fillings of Rubies, coated and dyeing of Jade etc. available only with the use of the above mentioned advanced equipment.

3.) Diamond Certification

We certify diamonds for 4Cs – Colour, Clarity, Cut & Carat Weight. And we colour grade against GIA Certified Master Diamonds. Once again this service is available only at our Precious Gem Testing Lab.

Mounted diamond jewellery can also be certified and issued with a report. These gradings will be as mounting permits.

4.) Jewellery reports for coloured stones

We also issue reports on gems mounted in jewellery using all of the above mentioned sophisticated testing equipment assuring you of the reliability in testing that only a comprehensive process such as what we offer can provide you with.

5.) Co-branding

We offer full reports as well as gemstone briefs (cards) with your company logos incorporated on the face of our report alongside our company logo. Your Company logo on the Reports / Cards will be a unique selling tool to gain customer confidence and trust on their purchase.

6.) On-Site lab service for bulk bookings

We also provide mobile lab services to test gems on-site at your establishment. This will have to be arranged by prior appointment and for volume orders only. Our qualified and experienced gemmologists will do the testing. Take advantage of the facility of your jewellery items not having to leave your store for certification.

7.) Optional Bi-lingual Reports – English & Chinese

We are able to offer an optional single language English only or bi- language English & Chinese on our Full reports, which will enable you to reach out to the largest growing gemstone market in the world. Instill confidence in your Chinese speaking customers by providing technical details in their own language. Something your sales staff will probably not be able to do.

8.) Online report verification

All your certificates can be tracked online from our website www.pgtlabs.com round the clock. This will help your overseas and local customers to choose their gems by checking it against the reports for authenticity.

9.) Re-issue duplicates on lost / misplaced certificate

Enjoy peace of mind of being able to get a “Duplicate” if you or your customer looses a Report.We will re-issue “Duplicates” for a minimum fee if the original Report number is provided.

10.) Verbal verification

If you need merely a verbal verification in order to expedite a pending deal we will provide you one such.

11.) Full stone certification on all gems mounted or loose is undertaken.

Full Report and Mini Report can be issued on all gemstones in loose or mounted jewellery.